The Turtle-Flambeau Scenic Waters Area offers 66 remote campsites accessible by water only.  The family campsites and two of the group sites do not require registration, a fee, or a camping permit. Six of the group sites are available by reservation only and require a fee.

Camping is allowed in designated campsites only. Designated sites all have a steel fire ring and an open air pit toilet and are identified with a site number. There is a ten day limit on camping at all campsites on the property. In addition, when you set up camp you must occupy the site the first night and you may not leave it unoccupied for more than one night thereafter (you may not leave unattended camping equipment to "save" a site).

For more information visit or contact the property manager at 715-476-7846.

A short distance from downtown Mercer, on County Hwy FF off of Hwy 51, you will find the Lake of the Falls Campground. Campsites are available on a first come, first serve basis (no reservations). Self registration at the fee station. Amenities include; electric, water, pit toilets, pavilion and a  boat landing on the Turtle Flambeau Flowage. It is open approximately May 1 - October 15.

For more information see  or contact the Iron County Forestry & Parks Department at 715-561-2697.

Joe Miller's Resort and Campground is a privately owned camping facility. Donner's Bay Resort has one RV campsite. You will find a listing for the resorts on this website's accommodations page.